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Laminated PVC ID card with non-fading pigment ink and durable material, available in one-sided or two-sided print.


Custom retransfer PVC ID card using high-grade photo printer and dye ink, available in different layout designs with superior image quality.



Whether it’s your first time to use a company ID or you’re looking to introduce your company or products, our templates offer an effective and professional way of representing your brand. There are a variety of template designs you can use as the foundation for developing a company ID. Our templates include captivating photography and color schemes that will make your design stand out from the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PVC ID Card?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a type of plastic made from petroleum. It is used for making pipes, water and sewer lines. Its flexibility and robustness makes it ideal for manufacturing identification cards that can be worn on a neck lanyard or clipped on a shirt pocket or belt loop.

PVC ID cards are also used as environmentally-friendly alternatives to conventional paper IDs due to their durability and portability. These IDs are difficult to damage and do not fade, which can be an issue with paper or laminated plastic cards.

How much does it cost to print ID cards?

Depending on the quantity, one-time PVC company ID printing production costs range from Php40 -Php120 per card. The cost depends on the printing method as well as which materials you use such as lanyards, badge reels and holders.

We also offer huge discounts to different companies and organizations. Contact our sales team for more details on bulk ordering and discounts: inquiry@idcard.ph

What kind of ID cards do you print?

As of the moment, we are focused on providing company ID printing (including corporate and call center IDs), staff badge IDs, college ID cards, multi-level customer ID cards and personalized business cards.

If you have any request for any ID printing services, please do email us at inquiry@idcard.ph or call us at (02) 7092 8694.

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