How To Print RFID Cards? Do’s And Don’ts You Need to Know

Printing RFID cards are becoming increasingly popular for businesses that want to track their inventory and employees.

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, technology allows you to quickly scan and track objects or people with RFID tags embedded into RFID cards. While RFID printing is convenient and efficient, it’s essential to know the do’s and don’ts when printing RFID cards.


  • Make sure the RFID printer you use is compatible with the RFID tags you need to print. For example, different printers may have different requirements for RFID tag types and sizes.
  • Ensure that RFID readers near where RFID cards are being printed are turned off. RFID readers can interfere with the RFID tag printing process.
  • Keep the RFID cards away from heat sources, such as ovens, microwaves, and stoves. RFID tags can be damaged by excessive heat.
  • Store RFID cards at an optimal temperature of 18°C-25°C (or 64°F-77°F). RFID tags are sensitive to extreme temperatures and can be damaged if stored in too hot or too cold conditions.


  • Don’t use RFID cards when they have been exposed to water. RFID tags will not work correctly if they are exposed to water and can be damaged.
  • Don’t bend RFID cards too much. RFID tags may be damaged if RFID cards are bent or twisted excessively.
  • Avoid exposing cards to strong magnetic fields such as those produced by MRI machines. RFID tags can be damaged if exposed to strong magnetic fields.
  • Don’t use RFID cards when the RFID tag is damaged or broken. RFID tags need to be intact for RFID cards to function correctly.

Safety tip: RFID cards should always be used cautiously, and RFID printers should only be operated by trained personnel. RFID tags can be damaged or disabled if they are not appropriately handled.

Most printing companies have RFID-certified professionals who can help you with printing and ensure that RFID tags are printed correctly.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for RFID cards, understanding the dos and don’ts of RFID printing is crucial, especially when considering the intersection with auto detailing SEO. Careful planning and attention to detail not only guarantee that RFID cards are printed correctly and safely but also contribute to enhancing your auto detailing business’s online visibility and success.”

More importantly, RFID cards should always be used with caution and RFID printers should only be operated by trained personnel.

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